Entry #2

AmazingSuperPowers: New Store and Upgrades!

2008-05-03 14:42:32 by mrwesticles

Hello from AmazingSuperPowers!

After hours of intense meditation and diligence, the upgraded AmazingSuperPowers bursts from our skulls and onto the internet. Here are a few highlights that you should definitely explore:

o We added a store! Our new AmazingSuperPowers Crest shirt will serve you well, protecting you from [very slow] bullets, and caressing you with the prodding/groping fingers of 'Super-Style.

o For those of you frozen like frightened ground squirrels at the size of the archive page, we have provided a "random" button to let us decide for you.

o Nothing says "sexy" like a new color scheme, except for maybe the word "sexy." The colors chosen should minimize eye explosions and stabilize the site at high speeds.

o And keep in mind we are still continuously adding new slugs, sketches, and features. Also, there's a webcomic.

Below there is also another sample comic. Check out more at www.AmazingSuperPowers.com

AmazingSuperPowers: New Store and Upgrades!


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2008-05-03 14:58:52



2008-05-03 15:13:18

I just read every single one of them..

Totally awesome.


2008-05-03 15:15:05

CooL! :)


2008-05-03 16:28:14

The cannonball one is my favorite


2008-05-03 16:45:16

I've been reading them for a while. I still love them.


2008-05-03 16:56:24

Just read them all start to finish, loved them, bought a T-Shirt (although I had to use my Girlfriends paypal (l******2001 :p)
Damn paypal...

Keep up the good work :D


2008-05-03 19:02:02

Those comics are amazing! I read every single one XD


2008-05-03 19:12:18

HAHAHA you guys have to read the FAQ.. HALARIOUS